My Personal Committment to you as your Buyer's Agent

My Personal Commitment to You

As your Buyer’s agent I WILL:


¨ Counsel with you to find out your particular home needs, explain the purchasing process, and give you pertinent purchasing information.

¨ Recommend professional, experienced mortgage brokers who will assist you in choosing a financial program best suited to your needs so we can establish your price range and loan preferences early and accurately.

¨ Research and follow up on any homes, signs, or ads you may see; this saves you time and assures you that only homes matching your needs will be viewed.

¨ Consistently re-evaluate the purchasing process with you as we continue, so we’re certain that we are on track.

¨ Communicate with you on a regular basis, return your phone calls, and gather information as requested.

¨ Present and negotiate your purchase and sale agreement in a professional, skillful manner.

¨ Follow up on your transaction during the processing stage; coordinate communication between you and the seller, Mortgage Company, Escrow Company, and the listing agent. I will keep you informed of the progress of the transaction.

¨ Be a reference source for you to help find school information, utilities, and special services.

¨ Attend closing with you.

¨ Arrange possession of your home and coordinate between you and the seller.

¨ Check back with you after closing to ensure that you are happily situated in your new home; my main objective is a satisfied customer.

   Home is where your story begins. It’s also where the best, most

memorable chapters are written. ’I’d love to help you with your story”


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